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The Best Way To Get Signed


If you’re trying to get signed, nothing works better than hitting the streets, doing hundreds of shows, and selling thousands of CD’s/DVD's from the trunk of your car.


If you’re a songwriter, moving to the hottest cities like New York, L.A., or Atlanta and putting in the grunt work is probably the best thing you can do. But, can YOU just leave here and hit the hot cities???


  • What about your responsibilities here?

  • Who do you know there? 

  • Where are you going to stay? 


Right... that might be tempting, but let's get real!


You need a way to showcase your talent to the right people, RIGHT HERE, and that's what we do.


Detroit Reality TV is here for just that reason.


What Is Detroit Reality TV?


We're Detroit’s leading Independent Reality Show production company. As a matter of fact, we invented this company to get Detroit talent more exposure.  Since 2008, Detroit Reality TV has specialized in giving rappers, actors, actresses, artists, bands, strippers, and songwriters real access to people citywide and beyond.


We have a system where we can take an idea from concept to being on the air.  What that means for you is that no matter where you are in the process of trying to market your product, we can help you take it to completion.


We have Writers – They help you get an idea the idea onto paper.  They also help you get your idea into the proper format.


We have a Casting crew – They help you find the right mix of talent for your project.


We have Videographers – They make it so that you can capture your idea on camera professionally.


We have Directors – They ensure that your idea is captured in the best light possible. 


We have Organizers – They book the locations and make sure the crew and cast are on the same page. 


We have Editors – They create your openings and closings, they select the scenes that best tell the story, and they add all of the effects that give your project that air of authenticity.


We have Marketers and Promoters – They get your show ON THE AIR and they GET THE MESSAGE OUT that you have a new show…a HOT new show.


We have a Sales Team – They shop for people who want to advertise on your show.  That way you can actually make money…and make what you do more than JUST A HOBBY.


We take the project from concept to being on the air.


Working Smarter Not Harder


It makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? We simply go out and pound the pavement for you.  Detroit Reality TV turns up, turns over tables, and brings the people to you.


It's like having your own personal team of industry hands helping you up. If you've been searching for something that will give you that extra "edge," you've just found it. When you become part of Detroit Reality TV, these people are working for you.


Access to the Industry


We’ve spent years building relationships and now we have direct connections to many Television Network execs, Record companies, Network Marketing companies, Publishers, and music supervisors looking to find new talent to work with. In a matter of weeks your songs, instrumentals, and tracks could be placed on TV and in movies.



There’s more!!!


There's more that we give you FREE with your Detroit Reality TV membership. Keep reading!

Get access to our “local access” industry functions.


The company’s founder, saw that after the big movie companies left, there weren’t many industry functions happening anymore.  The few that were, were poorly organized, uninformative, and gave artists practically no chance to meet the industry people.


Where are Detroit's functions where pictures get taken and spread throughout hip hop and people’s magazines? Where do our celebrities go to polly with their own kind?


Ashei's solution? The “Local Access” industry functions— throws a series of industry functions where local artists and other industry people can meet and greet.  Where they can network.  Where they can stay abreast on the changes in the local industry.


While other industry functions cost as much as $600 per person, your ticket to the functions are FREE. And you get to bring a guest for free as well. That's a $1,200 value that you get FREE with your DRTV membership!


If you want to network or collaborate with other musicians and songwriters, our functions will feel like heaven on Earth. The “local access” industry functions are such power-packed events, you literally won't want them to end.


The fact is that deals struck at these types of events are the beginning of  artists making their millions. You don’t want to miss out.


The Best Detroit "Entertainment Industry" reports are FREE


As a member, you'll also get our Industry Reports, "The Detroit Reality," which includes exclusive interviews with top local entertainment, business executives, and industry insiders.


It also includes the latest marketing techniques to help you build better promotions campaigns.



Inspired by Kevin Derrick Gentry

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​Like what you see here at DetroitRealityTV.com & Want to become a part  of the action?  


Sign up to request and leave your information, auditions are being held NOW!