Learn how to make your career as an Entertainer a success

October 17, 2013

Learn how to make your career as an Entertainer a success


Have fans inside your own community.


I Will Not Tell You About My Success Story, But Rather...I Will Introduce You To Your Own!


Imagine walking through a mall. If you're in Detroit, imagine walking through Fairlane Mall. You're in the food court grabbing a couple of slices of pizza and some yourng girl is yanking frantically on her mother's skirt saying "mommy, mommy look!"... While her rather short mom with the unsually saggy breast is trying to count out her change for their taco purchase.


Pulling her daughter back to reality with a "Stop!" And then giving her a scolding stare, she then looks over at you, while you trying not to notice but you are smiling inside.

You can't believe this is happening again. Anyway after they pay for the cool ranch doritos tacos. The mom walks around like she's looking for a table, then she stops right in front of you. She says, "My daughter wants your autograph, and can we get a picture" -as she takes out her yellow iPhone.


Of course you tell them they can and you even grab the phone, hold it up toward the three of you, and snap the picture yourself. As you give the iphone back, you smile and offer to give them a copy of your new album, that you explained hasn't come out yet in the stores. She is interested but hesitant (they just gave the taco place some money, understandable, right? WRONG)

Tina (the daughter) presses, "MOM you can take it out of my allowance PLLLlease (like only a child of yours can do you) squeezing her hand," and you charge the mom $20.


You tell Tina to give you her phone number and email address and you'll send her your monthly writings, that no one gets, but since you love and want to thank your friends you will make sure she has it. And you'll enter her in a chance to be in your next video you're working on next month.


Her mom is really excited now, she assures you that her daughter is the natural actress and to just give them a call. You leave with another fan + $20 more money (found money) and their contact info with a promise of even more money in the future as long as you keep more stuff to sell her and mom. And maybe a free actor or actress for your next local music video. Wouldn't you love that, yes or yes?


$20 is nothing but gas money, but each customer will be glad to spend $1,000's with you if you are the famous expert that they've seen on television, internet, newspapers and radio. Especially if you offer them a chance to share in the fame with you. Right?


Learn how to make your career as an Entertainer a success


My system is about making residual money for being and staying famous and relevant and doing that until you get tired of it.  Not just when your 15 minutes of fame is up like a lot of other entertainers.


So many artists make really good music but still can't make any money. It's a shame but you have to know how to play the game to succeed. It took us years to figure it out but once we got the formula, we were able to create a steady flow of income week after week and there are no signs of it running out.


I absolutely guarantee that I have made myself famous in many counties and in several seperate states across america, not to mention the little dent I've put in the overseas market. I have made 2 albums and 2 mixtapes so far, and I have made more than $1,000,000 (yes 1 MILLION dollars) in less than 4 years, I purchased a hummer, a jaguar, an old school Lincoln with the suicide doors, I have multiple investment properties, and a host of other things going on.


A movie is currently being written about my life and I did it all before I turned 30. I do not say this to brag, but to let you know what is possible for you as it has happened for me.

We will soon be revealing the system.


Be ready.


Learn how to make your career as an Entertainer a success

The visual in this blog courtesy of Kevin Gentry (The Boss Hogg)



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Learn how to make your career as an Entertainer a success

October 17, 2013

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