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Vendor General Information


#BlackHollywood and Detroit Reality TV are renting 6-foot long tables. If you wish to sell anything at this event, you must rent a table from us.

What can you sell at the Event?

  • BOOKS!!!! (ie: used, rare, antiquarian, unusual, pulp, first editions, esoterica, curiosa, incunabula, indie, ephemera, etc)

  • Vinyl LP records

  • Creative Arts

  • Business Information

  • Products from your network marketing event

  • 420 Friendly - Edibles etc.

  • We're open... as long as your not offensive to our fans.


How much are tables? 

Premium Vending Space = $100/table - The Space where attendees will be viewing the film.

Vendor Area Space = $50/table - Space within the Vending Area specially situated to highlight VENDING.


Vendors are responsible for bringing:

If you wish, we recommend bringing your own table covers, book display stands, business cards, table banners, cash & change, cash boxes, mobile payment apps on your smartphone (ie: Square, Apple Pay, etc), flyers, pamphlets, etc.

One 6-foot long table offers ample room to be well-stocked, including space for boxes of books under the table.

We recommend you get boxes with good sturdy handles. To transport them, use a dolly with good wheels.


What are the times for Vendors?


SAT, August 31, 2019 @ 6pm


Event hours:

7:00pm - 12am



What about security?

Yes, We have a security force who patrol the grounds.

However, neither #BlackHollywood, Detroit RealIty TV, nor the venue are responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise mishandled or misplaced property.

You are 100% responsible for everything.


When is the actual event?

SAT, August 31, 2019

7pm - 12am

@ Club Status on James Couzens

So how do I apply to be a Vendor @ "The Come Up" Million Views - White Party

After you *READ EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE*, please fill out the form below:


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